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How do I get my visa to Kenya?
The Department of Immigration Services launched which allows visitors to apply for the Republic of Kenya evisa online without having to visit a Kenyan diplomatic mission, or obtain the visa on arrival.
Do I need to make any vaccination in advance?
The CDC and WHO recommend the following vaccines for Kenya: typhoid, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, cholera, yellow fever, rabies, meningitis, and influenza.
Note: Yellow Fever Card is compulsory.
What about malaria and other scary stuff?
Malaria risk is high throughout the year in the whole country, but low in Nairobi. Malaria precautions are essential. Avoid mosquito bites by covering up with clothing such as long sleeves and long trousers especially after sunset, using insect repellents on exposed skin and, when necessary, sleeping under a mosquito net.
What about Internet and GSM network?
Most parts in Kenya have coverage and up to 4G connectivity. Most preferred providers are Safaricom and Airtel also for their mobile money transfer features.
Is it safe and secure to travel in Kenya?
Kenya is a comparatively safe African destination; however there are still plenty of pitfalls for the inexperienced traveller. From everyday irritations to more serious threats. A little street sense goes a long way here, and getting the latest local information is essential wherever you intend to travel.
What about medical insurance?
Medical insurance is compulsory and important while planning for the tours.
What about local food and drinking water?
Most restaurants have clean and tasty food. Avoid tap water. See some of Kenya's delicacies here
What about currency, cards and ATM?
All Kenya's major banks accept Visa in their ATMs. Mastercard is not as widely accepted in Kenyan ATMs as Visa.. Mastercard / Maestro can be used at Barclays and KCB's ATMs (and as they are two of Kenya's three biggest banks and have the two largest networks of ATMs, there are plenty of their ATMs around) and also at CFC Stanbic ATMs. It's advisable to bring dollars that you can change accordingly. Tips are best given in local currency.
Is there anything prohibited too carry to and out of Kenya?
Import and export regulations:!import-regulations Anything collection in game and marine parks is prohibited to carry out of the country such us animal skeleton and bones or ostrich eggs.
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